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Wee30 Thanksgiving Challenge (Sylvester)

"Respect the training. Honor the commitment. Cherish the results."

30 exercises in 30mins

7:15AM EST every weekday. Sign-up to get the live Zoom link.

Progress Dashboard



(Consecutive count)

🐤 Starter 5

💪 Power 10

🔥  Fire 20 --> Day-off Pass*

⭐ Rockstar 30 --> Day-off Pass*

💥 Fury 60 --> Day-off Pass*

🥑 Avo 90 --> Bag of Avocados


(Cumulative count)

⚽ Baller 5

🚀 Badass 10

🏆 Champion 20 --> Day-off Pass*

👽 Monster 40 --> Day-off Pass*

🔫 Top Gun 80 --> Day-off Pass*

⛅ God Mode 160 --> Day-off Pass*

💕 Weeliever 320 --> Day-off Pass*


🦃 Turkey - Turkey TurnUP Challenge

* Awarded & can be used anytime to maintain a streak


Meet The Team

Rachel Lee

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"I worked out fairly regularly but my unpredictable schedule made it hard for me to establish a routine. Despite not being a morning person, I started joining Sylvester and Sadib in their morning workouts and fell in love with it. Amazingly, I now look forward to the burst of energy every morning. I want to bring this positive lifestyle change to others around me."  

Sylvester Wee

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"My brothers and I grew up playing competitive tennis and initially struggled balancing between the sport and academics. We started holding each other accountable for our morning workouts and eventually outperformed our peers. I've experienced firsthand the power of peer accountability and want to bring that to the people around me."

Sadib Abdullah

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"Working in corporate America did me some damage - I was overweight and had low energy. After joining Sylvester in his workout regime for a year, I lost 25Ibs and now make my coffee before 8am! It's nice having my friends around me motivating towards my lifestyle goals. This has positively impacted my life and I want to do the same for those around me."


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